Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are an effective deterrent.

Each year in Australia, 390,000 thefts are reported annually. Figures released by AAMI as the result of a national study indicated that homes fitted with alarms continued to prove a less likely target for burglars. In fact, only 3.6 percent of claims were from homes that were fitted with a back-to-base alarm.

Is your neighbourhood safe?

Maybe you live or work in a good neighbourhood. However, wealthy suburbs can be an attractive target for burglars.

So what are the benefits?

An alarm system provides peace of mind. Beyond the threat of burglary, our systems can also be designed to provide an immediate response in the event of a personal emergency.

Is an alarm system a worthwhile investment?

Burglary can result in damage to your property in addition to the loss of goods. For businesses, this equates to significant disruption and lost working time.

Do you already have an alarm system?

Any alarm system is a deterrent to burglary, and an ordinary smoke detector might alert the neighbours. However, the most effective strategy is to link your alarm system to a monitoring service. This will ensure that if you have an intruder, the police are notified immediately. If your health is a concern, the panic switch can be programmed to respond to medical emergency events.

There's a better way to feel secure…

Alarm and Burglar Systems can discuss your security needs and identify the most cost effective solution to suit your home or business.

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